(x) Trading Tools India

Realtime Technical Charting Software with Market Watch and Buy & Sell Signals

xCharts Realtime:

  • Built-In Realtime Data Feed.
  • Stocks, Futures, Index Options and Currency Charts.
  • Built-In Yahoo EOD Data.
  • Light weight and easy to use small software.
  • Realtime Market Watch..
  • User friendly charting software. Easy to learn and use.
  • Realtime Automatic Buy/Sell Signals.
  • 30+ Days Historical Data.
  • 1 Minute Base Bar. You can change bar interval from 1 minute to 60 minutes.
  • More than 30 technical analysis indicators.
  • More than 10 technical line studies.
  • 3 Chart Types (Line Chart, Bar Chart & Candlestick Chart.
  • 3 Trading strategies to provide realtime automatic buy/sell signals.
  • Alerts for Buy/Sell Signals.
  • Zoom and Scroll functions.

  • 2 Days Free Trial Available.
  • For Trial, Email to xtradingtools@gmail.com.
  • To Subscribe Please Contact xtradingtools@gmail.com for payment details.
* Disclaimer Apply.

EOD Data - Stocks and Futures

  • Supports Metastock and AmiBroker Charting Softwares.
  • Just one click update.
  • EOD Data Available from 1998.
  • Available Stocks, Indices and Futures.
  • Very small application, just 200kb only.
  • Available All Stocks and All Futures with 8 indices.
  • Purified and Split/Bonus Adjusted Data.
  • No Demo.
  • Data in Metastock Format.
  • Works with all versions of Metastock, Amibroker and un-registered versions of Amibroker.

  • No Free Trial Available. Download EOD Sample Data.
  • To Subscribe Please Contact xtradingtools@gmail.com for payment details.
  • After Payment We will provide support for Installation and Configuration through Teamviewer.
  • Disclaimer Apply.


Email: xtradingtools@gmail.com
Will replied within 10 minutes on Market Hours.

EOD Subscription:

Rs.2000 for 1 Year.

xCharts Subscription:

Rs.1000 - 1 Month.
Rs.2800 - 3 Months.
Rs.5000 - 6 Months.
Rs.9000 - 1 Year.
2 Days Free Trial
For Trial, Email to xtradingtools@gmail.com.